Subbing, production and layouts

Need a freelance sub- or production editor? Look no further.

I'm an experienced, trained sub and proofreader based in south-east London and available for in-house shifts throughout the capital as well as for remote work from my own office. I can rewrite articles from scratch, check for accuracy and legal problems, liaise with authors for clarification and corrections, or simply scan pieces for literals and sense.

I can design and lay out pages using

  • Quark 3.1-9 for Mac/Windows (remotely: 5.0-8 for Mac)
  • InDesign 1.0-CS5.5 for Mac/Windows (remotely: CS5.5 for Mac)
  • PageMaker 4-6.5

and standard apps such as Photoshop and Illustrator, then proof, amend, pre-flight and send pages to print or PDF.

If you need that little bit more, I can source pictures, page-plan whole magazines, and deal with ad production and printers.

I'm fast since I've worked on daily newspapers, I know the programs inside out - I used to be a QuarkXPress instructor - on both Mac and PC and my rates are reasonable.

Call or email me if you'd like to know more or would like to book me for short- or long-term contracts. You can also book me through Folio Recruitment.


Previous and current clients

I am currently sub- and production editor for EHN, Transport Times, Better Wholesaling, Primary Health Care and Nurse Researcher magazines.

  • AB Communications (contract magazine layouts)
  • Cambridge Newspapers (newspaper layouts)
  • Carlton Books (copy editing)
  • The Engineer (subbing)
  • Financial Times (remote proofing)
  • The Law Society (subbing and layouts)
  • Legal Week (subbing)
  • Omicron Publishing (finance magazine subbing)
  • Retail Express (newspaper layouts and subbing)
  • Retail Newsagent (newspaper layouts and subbing)
  • Tesco Food magazine (subbing)
  • UCLES (report layouts)
  • Word-Wide Communications (subbing, remote proofing)